Tuesday, June 7, 2011

More Noah Quotes

Well, the language just keeps exploding and when it does he says the craziest things. I love seeing his little personality come out. Here are a few of the newest ones:

-While driving downtown one morning I was drinking my coffee. Noah sat in the backseat repeating "Mommy put your coffee down and put your hand on the wheel." Finally to appease him I did so. He then responded with "Thank you. Two hands on the wheel!"

-Mommy, I need ice cream cone. (Thank you grandpa parker for introducing that one. lol!)

-While playing Lions, Tigers and Bears I told Noah that I was scared of the lion. He replied with "Mommy, lion not scary. He just eats food and water!"

-"Mom, let's sing the poop song." I don't even know what the poop song is.

-If Noah doesn't like what he is eating he responds with one of these: "I don't like it, there is..."
a)bugs in it
b)pee in it
c)its just yucky

-I am still "pissing him off." Any suggestions for removing words? I can't seems to figure out where this one came from. Urg!

-While I was cleaning the kitchen, Noah took the broom and started cleaning the floor. He said, "mom, I am sweeping the yucky crumbs up." When he was done he handed me the broom and said "That was easy!"

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