Saturday, February 25, 2012

More quotes from the great noah

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from Noah lately:

1)Last night's prayer: "Dear lord, thank you for Jesus, thank you for my blessings, thank you for the dentist coming to my school and giving me my new toothbrush that I love, thank you for the dragon only getting one tooth pulled (this must have been a story the dentist told) thank you for daddy, thank you for sissy, thank you for mommy, thank you that I didn't say bummer today, thank you for my toys. Amen"
2)When you say something to Noah and he doesn't quite hear you he says "what did you say? I didn't hear you."
3)Boogers are protein mommy. (uncle christian must have helped with this one)
4)Noah likes to crawl into the toddler bed in Maleah's room and he will cover himself up and say "cough cough, mom, I have the flute. I am very sick. I need to rest."
5)"Mom, I want to go to the desert and dig sand with daddy." When I told him that he wouldn't want to go to Afghanistan because it is really cold and there are snakes there he replied "well, okay, I will mail daddy my bucket and shovel and he can send me some dirt."

The new haircut

The other day Noah asked me if he could have a mohawk at his next haircut. Dave and I decided we would let him since it could always grow out. When I showed him pictures online he kept pointing at the Mr. T mohawk. Why not. Well, I don't think his hairdresser like the idea as she didn't quite do it right. In fact, when she got done, Noah said "it's not high enough!" Even he knew. So, next time we will go with picture in hand and it will be more mohawk like. For now, he is sporting his frohawk. Everywhere he goes he tells people, "I have a mohawk!"

Friday, February 24, 2012

Fire fighter noah to the rescue

Putting out fires, saving action figures from the dangerous flames in tall towers and helping his local citizens (his family) is what this fire fighter lives for. I don't know if a moment goes by that my sweet boy doesn't have one one of his MANY fire hats on ready to save the day. This morning I found him building towers with his legos and saving his action figures from the flames. He has such a great imagination. At this point, he has informed me that when he grows up he will be a fire fighter AND a farmer, a police man, and a excavator driver. Wow! I love that he is ambitious.

First pigtails!

Well, here it is...the first of many pigtails. I cannot believe that my seven month old has enough hair to do this. She is such a trooper with letting me style her hair. (She better get use to it!) It sure makes her look so grown up!

Valentines Gift

Since Noah is now in preschool, he gets to have all the fun of school activities and parties. So, this year was his first Valentines day party. Instead of of taking paper valentines for his class he helped me make these matchboxes for them with a special treat inside. It was cute watching him decided which one to give to each classmate.