Friday, June 24, 2011

Awaiting Peanut

I had my 37 week checkup last monday and I am still 2cm. I feel like baby is working on getting here as I am very uncomfortable! Dave and I decided that we would opt for the induction for June 30th. That way my mom will be here (she arrives the night before) and we can make better arrangements. I had a very rough labor with Noah and I really want to make sure that this time my doctor is the one to deliver according to my birth plan. Also, I think it would be very special to share my birthday with baby. What a great gift! So, as of now, I am scheduled to start the process at 4am on June 30th. My doctor said baby should arrive no later than dinner time. (Sounds too good to be true!!) Now that we have set a date, I am just waiting for the surprise labor like noah. He decided to come a day before we were going to induce. So I have been frantically packing and organizing everything. The past two days I have been getting strong back pain which has made it hard to do anything...maybe it's a sign!

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