Tuesday, April 20, 2010

15 Month Results

We went to Noah's 15 month check up and here are his stats. It seems like he is finally giving us a break on the growth side of things. Whew! Maybe we can get some use out of his clothing for once.

Weight: 27lbs 12 oz (Starting to thin out from being on the go!)
Height: 33 inches
Noah is scoring at 95%

Noah's Walking!

Yesterday Noah was standing in our bedroom doorway and then...zoom....he took off towards the living room. It took me a second to realize that he was walking, something he had not done by himself before. Of course, by the time I went to get the video camera, he was done. Over the course of the day he walked around about a half a dozen times. He still seems to like scooting around on his knees, but loves to thrill his mommy and daddy with a walk around the living room at any given moment. Good job Noah!

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Results are in: My Success Story

Pregnancy wasn't too nice to me. All 70 pounds that I gained didn't quite "fall" off after Noah's birth as I had planned. Somehow I thought all those cheeseburgers would just melt away. Well, at least you get to count on losing the the weight of the baby and placenta. (A whole 25 pounds!) So, the question, what do I do with the other 45 pounds? About 3 months after I had Noah I had officially lost all the "baby" weight which brought me down to just plain old cheeseburger weight. Here's the breakdown: After losing the "baby" weight I was weighing in at 185. I tried dieting off and on and exercising when I could, which brought my weight down some. By the end of last summer I was down to 160. Then, in January I joined a new gym. They were having a weight loss challenge for 8 weeks and I thought, "this is my ticket!" I had access to trainers, classes and dietitians. I took full advantage of this contest, not to mention they had some great prizes for the top 10. Since my gym offered free childcare, I went 5-6 days a week for at least two hours a day. Last night was the rewards ceremony, and believe it or not...I placed 10th out of 100 people! I was so excited! Not only have I established a routine that works for me (and Noah), but I have made great friends in the process and achieved AMAZING results. I plan on keeping this up to get in even better shape. This challenge has truly changed my attitude about taking care of myself.
So, the results:
Start weight April 2009: 185
Current weight April 2010: 137
Total lost: 48 lbs!
Here are pictures of before and after:

Before (April 2009)

After (April 2010)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy 15 Months Little Man!

Dear Noah,

Sometimes it gets difficult to log in and update your book as you keep me so very busy! You are now 15 months and such a little man. You are very much toddler! This is proven through your independent attitude and the tantrums that you like to throw. So, here is a load down of the good, bad and the ugly.

The Good:
-You are almost walking. So far you have taken 5 steps in a row by yourself. We know you can walk, you just haven't realized it yet!
-You have finally decided that table food is it for you. You will eat anything that we put on your plate. Fruits, veggies, meat, crackers, yogurt, cheese....anything. You have learned some new words to support your eating your habits: Cheese, cracker, milk, juice and cado (avocado). It really helps me in knowing what you want. You also sign done and more which helps.
-You feed yourself with forks and spoons. It is fun to watch you work on putting a piece of food on your fork. Even though it takes you a few stabs, you are so proud when you do it.
-You still through the ball, just further. However, now you throw it in the air and catch it. And, you are trying to dribble. Ask me for videos, I have tons.
-You love to talk up a storm! You have about 20 words that you say clearly. Here are the newest words: Mommy (finally!), cup, puppy, blankie, moo (with the lips perched), and truck.
-You know where your hair, nose, feet, eyes, ears, and mouth are.

The Bad:
-Tantrums. If you don't get your way...you scream, kick, cry and arch your back.
-Hitting. This is something you think is a game. It's been hard to teach you that it's not.

The Ugly:
-A few too many ear infections.

As you can see there is a lot of growing happening here. Not only developmentally, but physically too. I just took you to the doctor and they said you were 28lbs and 3oz. You are officially wearing 24 month clothing too. We sure love watching you do all this growing! But, despite all of it, I love that when it is time to go to bed, you will snuggle in my arms and fall asleep on my shoulder. I will sit there forever smelling your sweet baby scent and reminding myself that you are still my little baby boy.

I love you,

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Noah's Easter #2

Noah and his friend Katie

Stealing eggs was easier than the hunt!

What a beautiful Easter we had! The weather was in the 70's and we went to the Wingard's house for Easter dinner joining our church family. We shared lots of great food as well as the kids had a huge Easter Egg Hunt. Noah found a couple of Easter eggs and then got distracted with opening and closing the eggs. He also had fun poking his fingers in the melted chocolate candies inside!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

My working boy

Noah and dad went to Home Depot yesterday and Noah got to be a part of a workshop. Here is the result.

A weekend trip

Last weekend we spent time with the Duke family to celebrate March birthdays. We spent the night at a cabin on the lake and had a blast! Noah loved playing with his friends and eating all the yummy food!

Noah and his friends Ava and Logan
Noah and the rocking horse!

Beautiful view from the cabin

Another order

This past week I got another order for a diaper cake. This time, it's for a boy!