Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy Fall

The leaves are changing on the trees and even though we are still simmering in the heat, it reminds me that indeed fall is around the corner. So, here is wishing you all a wonderful fall season. Enjoy all it has to offer---pumpkins, children trick-or-treating, hayrides, corn mazes and beautiful scenery.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Night-Night Story (told by Noah)

Uncle Christian read me a night-night story before bed. I like my time with my Uncle Christian. We read about spot the dog and all the animals that are on his farm.

Ford Tough

Noah got his first truck at 19 months! (Much earlier than daddy!) He sure loves it. He can drive it well and has just recently figured out that he can steer it. So, now he just whips around the trees and toys in the yard. He has yet to figure out how to back up, but that will come. Here are some pictures of Noah and one of his friends cruising the yard.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Our Hummingbirds

One thing I have always had a love for is Hummingbirds. Grandma & Grandpa Parker have always had feeders on their deck and Noah and I have enjoyed many morning with the birds flying around us. Last summer, while Noah was only 7 months he would point at them and smile. This summer he would giggle and say "birds!" So, I decided to put up a feeder in front of our living room window. It took about a month before we got one, and I was so excited. Then we had 2 and then 3. We now have 11 hummingbirds that swoop around the feeder at once. Typically we find that about 4-5 of them are eating at one time. Noah and I have had a blast watching the birds. They are so fearless, it is fun to have them around!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Birthday Party Fun

Noah went to his friend Steven's 3rd Birthday Party and had a blast. Here is a short clip of him there. (He really wants the candy inside!)


I found Noah sitting at our dining room table (which is a tall table) reading the paper. To my surprise, he has figured out how to pull out the chairs, climb up on them and get to what he needs. In this case he wanted to check out a few adds. Silly boy!