Monday, June 13, 2011

36 Weeks, 3 Days

Went to the doctor today and had an ultrasound done. It was so awesome to see the baby!! It certainly has done some growing since the 20 week ultrasound. At one point we got a really clear picture of the face and baby was sucking it's fingers! I really started to tear up at that point. There was my baby!! The ultrasound tech said she could see the sex, which was harder for me than I thought. Good thing Dave was there to keep me honest! Anyway, baby is healthy and measuring in at 6lbs 14oz (+/- 10%). This was encouraging to hear as they are saying that maybe this baby won't be THAT big! They are saying it will be close to what Noah was, and he was 8.5 lbs. So, I think 9lbs. I was also excited to find out that I am now 2cm at this point I am making progress towards labor! Yay! So, for now I will just keep on with my crazy list of nesting projects and wait. I am looking forward to holding my baby in just 3.5 weeks. Yay!

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