Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lock Out

Yesterday while cooking dinner I stepped out the back door to grab some veggies from our garden. As I was approaching the door, Noah, who was still inside decided to lock it. Somehow I knew this day would come. It just so happened that I did not have an extra key and my neighbor who has the spare was not home either. As I banged on the door, Noah would stand there and laugh at me. Then he would run to the playroom, grab toys and bring them to show me with an occasional wave of hello. As I begged him to unlock the door, he would say "I can't unlock it" and run to the chair in the living room and just laugh at me. So, there I was, 9 months pregnant standing in my husband's flip flops and my 'kiss the cook' apron staring through a glass door as my dinner sits cooking on the stove and my son giggles at the site of locking me out. What a site. After about 20 minutes, long enough to let me imagination run wild, Noah came back to the door. I finally was able to convince him to unlock the door. To my surprise, he had also dead bolted me out. I had no idea he even knew how to work the locks, let alone reach the deadbolt. He surprises me with new things everyday and teaches me great lessons such as hiding a spare key somewhere!

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