Wednesday, September 30, 2009

8 Month Milestones

(Noah "chewing" on Thomas the train)
Noah is growing like a weed! He has become more independent than ever. He has started pulling himself up on his basket of toys to retreive those that he desires. He has also started clapping his hands and throwing balls. He loves to play catch with anyone who is interested. It is really fun to watch because he has the funniest deep laugh. (video to come this weekend)
We have also broke through the refusing food stage. Noah has figured out how to use his pincher fingers and feed himself. So, even though he STILL doesn't have any teeth he does some serious damage with his gums. His favorite foods are as follows: cucumber, yougurt, pancakes, noodles, bananas, potatoes and gerber puffs. Pretty much we can bribe him to eat anything as long as it is followed by cucumbers or covered in yougurt. He will tolerate some of the gerber foods, but is much more interested in ours.

(Mommy's geek squad)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Great Grandma & Grandpa Parker

We took Noah to visit Great Grandma & Grandpa Parker's grave before we left. We know they would have loved to have known Noah as he would have loved to have known them.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Congratulations Anna and Sean!

Anna and Sean got married Saturday night. It was such an amazing wedding! We are so happy for the two of you and wish you both the best. Here are a few pictures of the beautiful bride and her party...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy 8 Months

Dear Noah,

8 months already! Wow, you are becoming such a big boy! You have had an eventful summer visiting both family and close friends and you seemed to have a fun time with all the things you got to do.
This past month has been a busy one for you. Though you still do not have any teeth, you are continuing to drool and chew like crazy! You are also showing interest in crawling too. I believe you could actually do it, but you get stuck on your knees and then get frustrated. (You look cute though!)
You are sleeping through the night and have cut back to two naps a day! You are eating more and more solid foods and are finally warming up to them. I get so excited when you eat a whole jar by yourself!
You have also learned to make a fish face and will do it on command. Grandma Parker taught you to stick your tongue out, and that seems to be your favorite thing to do! You also like to put your hand up to your mouth as you make the awwww sound...sometimes you use toys to your mouth for a change in noise. It is really cute to watch you do it. Reading has become one of your favorite activities. You love to be read to and will sit for a very long time as long as we read new books!
You are still a growing boy. I think over this past month you have done the most growing. I am not sure how much you weigh, but I can guess at least 22lbs. You have jumped from 6-9 month clothing into 12/18 month. Your legs are so long I can't seem to keep you in pants! I have been in awe at how much you have grown. I think you are taking after your dad...

I have enjoyed watching all of your new discoveries and look forward to the next month to come!


Newport Beach,OR

We went to the beach with Grandma & Grandpa Parker last week. The weather was beautiful! There was absolutely no wind...poor grandpa couldn't fly his kite! Noah enjoyed the sand and water as you can see below. We also went to the aquirium to see all the fish, which Noah really liked. Thanks again for the wonderful trip Grandma and Grandpa!