Monday, October 22, 2012

A little crazy in a lot of ways

Not only does this girl have a seriously awesome head of hair she has quite the personality! Her ever growing vocabulary includes: thank you, apple juice, bear, baby, wood woof (dog), blankie, daddy, mommy, bruthur, shoe, boo (boot). She loves to wave hi and blow kisses to anyone that will give her attention. And mimicking is her thing. Blowing food off if it's hot, brushing teeth, brushing hair...oh yeah she's got it. Coloring is her favorite past time and she would do it all day if you let her. I'm so enjoying watching this little fire cracker grow!

Farmer Noah

He still loves tractors...

Pumpkin patch 2012

These pictures are combined from two different visits this past week. The kids enjoyed the fresh air at the farm as well as running around hay mazes and animals! I always enjoy watching the smiles on their faces. Noah was so excited that he accomplished the hay maze on his own and "saved" us from being lost. Maleah loved the animals, especially the pigs! She liked pulling their tails...not sure that they did! And mom and dad enjoyed some activities too!

Friday, October 5, 2012

My vacuum of ten years died so I got a new one. Nope, nix that...Noah got a new one! He won't let me touch the thing. He now vacuums daily and does a super job. One less chore mom has to do. Hmmm...wonder when he will decide he doesn't want to and I have to beg him!