Friday, April 27, 2012

Reflection one year later

It is amazing that one year to today I was 7 months pregnant sitting on my living room floor chatting with a good friend from Portland watching the wind bend the trees and shake my windows.  "We are suppose to have bad storms today...maybe some tornadoes..." I told her.  After a while the sky got darker and I knew we where in for it, but I didn't know bad it would be.  Sitting in the dark in my closet trying to distract my two year old with "closet camping" while rubbing my belly with a twisting fetus, I prayed hard for safety (and that I wouldn't go into labor!) Now, one year later, I sit in my home (which I am so lucky was not hit by the F5) with my big boy and beautiful little girl.  In reflection of this horrible event I am grateful to my God that he carried me through my fear that day and protected us and so many of my friends.  Though I would NEVER want to experience this kind of event again, followed by chaos and no power for a week, I am reminded today how loving and gracious our father is.  No matter what storm is in my life, I know that he will be by my side.

We have a crawler!

Introducing Maleah's new trick-CRAWLING! Over the past couple of weeks she has been scooting around and trying to get to her knees in frustration.  Then on April 24th Maleah just took off.  She was so proud when she realized she could get to what she wanted.  So we are enjoying watching her get around and I am now working on baby proofing again!

Maleah's first visit to the beach

Maleah LOVED the beach!!  I am not sure which she loved more, the ocean or the pool.  She loved every minute of swimming in the pool/ocean and playing/eating sand.  She kindly put up with mommy slathering her in sun screen  (as did brother) and in result of many days hanging by the ocean she enjoyed lots of long naps.  To prepare her for the beach I had been putting her in the sandbox with Noah and she seemed to do okay.  When we arrived to Destin, she was a little shy of the sand at first, but warmed up quickly.  She immediately took to the ocean, always crying when you took her away from it.  All in all I think she had a great first time at the beach!

Family Vacation 2012

We decided it was time to get away and have a family vacation in Destin, FL where years ago dave and I had stayed.  We love this resort as it has many pools and hot tubs, a lazy river that faces the bay (with bay access) and access to the ocean.  They have also added a splash park for the kids.  This action packed vacation was both fun and relaxing.  From the time we woke up until bedtime we were either swimming in the ocean or floating in the pools.  Needless to say, both kids loved it.  I will do a separate post on Maleah's first taste of the beach next.  Now that Noah is older, it was really fun to watch him dig holes in the sand and jump waves.  Uncle Christian joined us for the trip and it was his first time to the gulf coast as well.  I think he had a good time.  It was nice to have an extra set of hands, so that dave and I could get some late night beach walks.  Some of the highlights of this trip was going to Fudpuckers to feed the alligators (Noah loved this!) and eating alligator.  This was a first for us all!  We made some great memories and we all look forward to going back next year.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

We had a great Easter. Not only was the weather amazing, but all the company was too! Maleah and Noah's Easter bunny (Roger) left them some great goodies. Apparently he knew that we we're heading to the beach soon. Noah was quite bothered that his bunny left "poop" on the floor to trail to his basket. He kept telling people that a monkey pooped in his house! We celebrated our Easter by joining our church family for the annual church picnic. It was very relaxing and fun!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

9 Months

Dear Maleah,
Happy 9 months my sweet growing girl. Time is just passing by so fast and you are growing right along with it. It seems like just yesterday we were bringing you home from the hospital, a tiny 7 pound thing, and somewhere in there I blinked and you are now a 25 pound baby who is determined to do it all! Here is what you have been up to:
You say Hi and Mama (and the sound of dada), Wave, you like to put your hand to your mouth and make noises, eating some finger foods with help (banana and avocado are your favorites), picking things up with your two fingers-though getting the food to your mouth is still in the works, you are trying to crawl but still become quite frustrated that you aren't, love bathes, roll all over the place, sit up and reach for toys (especially brothers), teething-you have two on the bottom and 6 coming in up top, and you enjoy playing with daddy and brother (they make you laugh).
You are on the brink of making some huge independent changes. I have a feeling month nine is going to be your biggest one yet. You are sleeping better, with only one waking, but you are still determined to go to bed at 4pm each night. I have been trying to get you to go to bed later so that you could make it until morning to eat, but you are stubborn. (I think you get that from your dad!) But, I don't mind, as I love getting to snuggle with you each night. Soon this will pass and I will miss the opportunity.
I love you my princess,