Tuesday, June 7, 2011

35 Weeks and Some Days

And the bonding begins...

Well, I feel like I could burst! As you can see, my belly is no longer small. Though it is fun to sport the swallowed watermelon look, I am truly uncomfortable. This Alabama heat hasn't helped either. With being in the high 90s I am swelling up like crazy! It's terrible how many times I have to change my clothes during the day. I went to the doctor yesterday for my first weekly checkup. My regular doctor wasn't in, so I saw a new one in the practice. She measured my belly and then said "so you are 39 weeks then, right?" When I told her no she quickly looked at my chart and her jaw hit the floor. I am still measuring 4 weeks ahead. Just like I did with Noah. So, as much as I would love to believe that my due date is wrong, I know it is just a big baby brewing in there. She has scheduled me for an ultrasound next week as she would like to look at the due date again. On the other hand, I was already 1cm dilated, so maybe I will luck out and go early. (Crossing fingers!) I truly hate to complain about the discomfort as I do still remember what life will be like with a newborn...and now with a toddler in the mix. Yikes.

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