Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day 2011

We had a wonderful holiday enjoying the warm (um, HOT) sunshine. We decided to go to Ditto Landing with Uncle Christian and Ryan. We lit up the grill and enjoyed watching all the people in their boats going down the river. Noah was really into the fact that Christian was fishing and wanted to fish too.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

34 Weeks

Well, I am at the home stretch...6 weeks to go. (Or less!) At this point in the game, I am still measuring 3-4 weeks ahead indicating a big baby-no surprise there! My doctor seems to think I should be fine to go on my own since I did with Noah, but there is still some talk about being induced a little early. So, we shall see. Baby is very active, which is getting tough for me with there being not so much room in my tummy any more! And, with all the heat that we are getting I am starting to swell up, which is not so comfortable! I am still making it to the gym, but slowing down. I think I feel more like the turtle than the hare. We have finally started preparing by pulling out our neutral clothing and all the baby gear. It is getting exciting! I am starting to to get anxious to see our baby and find out if peanut is a "he" or "she".

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Safe Room

Introducing our new Tornado Shelter! It was delivered and installed this morning. After the storm we were on a waiting list for over 3 weeks waiting for ours to be made. It is bolted through the foundation of our garage, and will not be going anywhere. (Unless we opt to move it someday!) This shelter will hold five people and is strong enough to withstand a F5 Tornado. I was told that you can stack 10 cars on top and it will still stand! I am so much more content to know that I have a place to take my family during the storms. And I have to admit, I never thought this would be something that I would own!

Short Stories

The other night while eating dinner Noah got out of his chair and started running out of the kitchen. We asked him where he was going and he said "My phone is ringing". We then told him that he would have to let it go to voicemail and to come back to the table until he asks to get down. He then climbed back up on his chair and said "May I get down please? My phone is ringing and I have to get it".

Noah is really into cake right now. He likes to pretend that he is making cake, then he gives everyone a piece. While I was pretending eat my piece with Noah I asked him if I could have more. He replied "No, you have had plenty!" Wonder where he has heard that!

While shopping at Target for a birthday present for one of Noah's friends, Noah decided that he too should get a present. He spotted a toy that he wanted and asked me for it. I told him that it was not his birthday and that he would have to wait. He replied "Darn it mom, you are pissing me off!" This was not a proud moment for me as a was quite embarrassing as onlookers stood by!

Friday, May 6, 2011

31 Weeks

Yesterday I went in for my 31 week checkup. It's hard to believe that the longest part of my pregnancy is now behind me and I am down to 9 weeks! Everything is looking good with baby so far. The heartbeat is steady around 140-142. And, to wreak my fairytale dream of having a small baby, I am measuring 4 weeks ahead. LOL. This baby feels much bigger at this point then I remember Noah feeling. They have decided that at 36 weeks they will do an ultrasound to see if they can get a better guess at size. With Noah, I predicted his weight perfectly at 8.5 lbs and with this one I will go ahead and venture to say 9.5 to maybe 10lbs. Yep, kinda starting to freak me out! Guess I better just pull out the three month clothing, as there will not be any newborn stuff here!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

2011 Tornado Outbreak Cont

Well, after the storms were over we were not only left with a path of destruction in the community but with no power-in our case for about 6 days. We were very lucky that right after the storms Dave was able to locate and purchase a generator. One of the best investments we have ever made! It kept our fridge cold and our sanity intact. Short of not having hot water, we felt somewhat normal. We were also blessed with several days of beautiful weather so we were able to just relax outside in the yard. We used this downtime as "urban camping". So, we pulled out the fire pit and roasted over the fire and used candle light at night. The stars where so beautiful! The chaos was another story for the first few days though. The day after the storms hit we thought we would pack up and stay in Tennessee until we heard it was bumper to bumper for hours to get out of town. (This is when we got the generator) Then, we had to locate gas....with racing to the border with hundreds of others it was hours of waiting and disappointment as stations ran out. After a long afternoon we were able to fill our cans and return home to ride it out.
I want to say that although there was so much devastation and hundreds of people lost their lives, there was some good that came out of this. Good that I think only can come from bringing people together through a disaster and softening of so many hearts. Here is what I have seen out of it:
-Communities pulling together to get the work done
-Neighbors taking the time to greet and meet each other without the distractions of the world
-People ready to give you the shirt off their back
-Less tempers--more eye contact and understanding
-Prayer and thanksgiving
-A feeling of calm and peace...there was nothing to do but relax and help your neighbors. No Internet, phone, bills, work, shopping, soccer games....just peace and quiet
Finally, I just hope that as the power is starting to light our community again, it will not take these things away. I pray that we all remember these days and let the impact sink in moving forward. When the day to day to do lists start calling us, I hope that we are able to stop and take a breath and realize that each day is a blessing and there is much to enjoy about them. Our family has vowed to start a family tradition in honor of this storm outbreak. Every year on this date we will shut our breakers down and urban camp for the night to remind us of all that we have.
"Thank you Lord for protecting so many of us and letting us see the good through it all." Amen.

2011 Tornado Outbreak

This is what a F4 Tornado will do to your home

Big trees down everywhere

This field is full of debris from what use to be a near by neighborhood

This use to be a grocery store about a mile from our house

Our new fence was having a hard time standing

All the rain started to creep up to our house

On Wednesday, April 27, 2011 our lives were changed forever as a path of storms took its toll on our city and state. I have always had a fear of tornadoes, but we have been so lucky that we have not had too much trouble with them. In the past six years I have seen funnel clouds and heard reports of a few here and there, but nothing like this. I know like many we had become complacent and had not prepared as we should have for such a tragedy. That morning as the storms rolled in I began to feel a bit uneasy...especially as we lost power and I realized I didn't have a way of knowing what was going on. As the rain pounded the ground I would call dave at work to find out the status of the incoming storms. Dave came home early, around 3pm, and that is when we had a return of power for a short time. We cooked dinner, and while doing so, I looked out the window and the sky was green. Then, the hail started. (See picture above) At that point we convinced Noah that we were going to camp in the closet with our flashlights for a while. This is apparently when one of the F4 tornadoes hit about a mile from the house. Once the storm had passed we got word that three tornadoes had passed through the area. Once seeing the devastation left behind we realized how lucky we were. If those tornadoes had just went straight and not turned we would have been in their paths. Our home suffered no damage other than a close call to flooding and a leaning fence. So many people lost their homes and businesses from these storms. Our community, however, was lucky to have not lost too many lives, though other parts of our state where not that lucky. I have posted a few pictures of the devastation that we could catch near our home. Driving around in days after there is so much more. I pray that through this we will all take the weather more seriously in the future. There will be a long path to recovery for all of us in many ways. I know for my family, it has left a lasting impression.