Friday, January 25, 2013

Playing together

They have become best buds! This is so refreshing after a long period of time of waiting for them to gel. Now and again I capture them playing and it is such a great memory to capture!

Happy 4th Birthday!

Noah is now 4. This was the birthday that has impacted me the most. He is so grown up. I can hardly believe he is already a preschooler! At almost 50lbs and projected to be 6ft4 he is my growing boy. He loved his birthday. Though we will be truly celebrating when nana arrives
in a few days. He helped me make his gluten free cupcakes for his party at school. And requested that Maleah and I take him to his favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner. Of course cake following this! He was thrilled by his gifts including a membership to early works, a helicopter, a watch and rain jacket. All in all I think it was a great start to his 4th year of life!

My pretty girl

I just love her in this jacket. Though it makes her look so grown up! Almost 19 months, where does the time go? She loves to dress up in stuff like this and sport her style!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Growing up

Here's Noah and his keefer stash! He is very proud of it!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Early works

The kids love early works and so do I! While they burn energy I gain it by sipping coffee. It really is fun to watch the kids grow up in this place. I am always surprised at the things they master each time. Here are a few shots of the kids having fun.

Feed the duck!

I introduced the kids to pirates booty-the best snack ever! And apparently it's that good! Maleah spilled her bowl on the kitchen floor and I found her on her tummy eating it up. I guess it's faster this way! (and a good thing that I had just mopped!) Noah says she looks like a duck!

Happy new year!

Kisses all around in our house to ring in the new year! (even daddy got a smooch!)