Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Party

Noah had a blast at his birthday party! All of his friends where here to celebrate with him and it was fun to watch them all run around and play. Nana and G-pa also came out for the party which made it very special. Here are some highlights from the big day:

Dino table with goodies!

The Birthday Boy!

Smashing the cake. Noah liked the dinosaur on top, but was not that excited about the cake itself. As soon as he got frosting on his fingers he was done. He tried to wipe the frosting on his high chair and then pushed his cake away. Daddy was excited as it ment he could eat a very BIG piece of cake.

Opening presents. This was so fun! It was a group effort, so all of his friends helped him open and play with his presents. They were so excited about all the gifts!

Mom and Nana enjoying the party!

The birthday cake

We decided on a dinosaur theme for Noah's 1st birthday party. So, I found the cutest dinosaur decorations and supplies. I also decided to put my cake decorating classes to the test. I made Noah a large dinosaur cake to share as well as a smash cake just for him. Here are some pictures:

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

12 month check up

You are a growing boy!
At your check up we found out that you are:
-27 pounds
-32 1/4 inches
-You are charted at 98%
A long stride from your 8.8lbs and 20.5 inches a year ago!
You are right where you should be for your age in development and even doing some advance things. You are officially facing forward in your carseat and almost walking! I guess this is where we say goodbye baby and HELLO toddler days!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

You are One!

Happy Birthday my dear boy. Today you are one years old! Wow. I can still vividly remember this day a year ago and how fast it goes by. A year ago you would lay in my arms and sleep and coo, and now you are independent and on the go all the time. And as we were going through sleepless nights and many feedings and diaper changes, others would remind me that those days would be gone quickly, and they were right. If only I could keep you small a little longer, so that you would snuggle in my arms and let me rock you more. Being a mom is so amazing. Yet my heart strings tug all the time when watching you grow. Filled with both joy and amazement and some sadness for the time that is passing. You have been such a blessing to us and we are so blessed too have you.
A year ago I started this blog for you to keep track of your every development. Now, as we come to an end of your first year I will be sending it off to have it printed and bound. Perhaps this may be one of the best gifts we will be able to give you. I hope you will enjoy the stories and pictures that we have posted along the way. This edition will come to a close with a visit from family to celebrate your birthday next week. Then, we will begin our next journey with you starring as our little toddler.

Happy Birthday to you my little boy. I love you so much!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

20 and toothless

I was worried for a while that Noah wasn't going to get any teeth and that he would be 20 and toothless...then the bottom two came in at 9.5 months. Yay, I thought! Then nothing more. Two teeth? What is he going to do with just two teeth? He seems to use them okay, but, again, I thought where are the others? My poor boy will be 20 and only have 2 teeth! Then, the fang came at 11 months. Yes, you read that right. The fang. And then, nothing more. I again think to myself, where are all his teeth. 20 and a fang? Geez. But, I can now rest assured, his two front teeth are on there way in! Finally, progress. Noah is such a trooper. Though it is painful he hasn't fussed much. I think he may be just as excited as I am. He won't be 20 and toothless!

Lesson Learned

I realized yesterday that Noah really is keeping me on my toes. I have blocked ALMOST every entry to each room and locked ALMOST every cabinet by this point. But, I must admit that I have underestimated my little man. I say the word ALMOST because as of 5pm yesterday, I realized I had forgot a few places that of course my little man found.
In about 2.5 seconds Noah started the marathon in his room, helping himself into the bottom two drawers of his dresser and pulling everything out. As I was trying to teach him (ha, teach him!) to clean up his mess, he made it to the kitchen...need I say more? He found one cabinet that I missed, and Hurricane Noah took care of business. So the story continues. I clean up and let out a sigh of relief as I gate the two of us in the living room to play. A few hours later, Noah made it into the guest bathroom where he found-you guessed it-a cabinet that was not locked. Then the 2010 nail polish tragedy began. Have you ever seen nail polish splash up a wall? Well, I can tell you it isn't pretty. So, after some lost polish and lots of clean up....We now have ALL of our cabinets locked. Yep, I did a double and triple check. So, lesson learned. Don't underestimate the Noah.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well hello 2010! I was just sitting here thinking about how life changing 2009 was for our family, and found myself in awe that it went by so quickly. Only shortly after the ball dropped in 09, days later our little miracle arrived. From there we went through family visits, sleep deprivation, feedings, giggles, baths, vacations, diaper changes, spit ups, crawling, sleeping (again), and...well, you get the point. Our little world was changed into something so great. I cannot even imagine a year better than 09, but somehow I have a sneaking suspicion that it will be topped in 2010. Each day bringing new experiences and God's amazing grace. I am so anxious to start this year off and see what it will bring. Noah will be turning one in just a few days so we will use that to get the year going. To all of our family and friends out there...Have a blessed 2010 and we love you all!