Tuesday, February 22, 2011

First Visit to Early Works

My boys hard at work

Helping my boy build

Working in the post office

We took Noah to the Early Works Children's Museum last weekend. It was a blast!!! There was so much for him to do (and us!). Here are a few pictures of our visit. Noah really liked the construction area where he was able to build.

More Belly

Well, things are starting to really pop. Here is a couple more recent shots--just because.

Friday, February 18, 2011

20 Week Ultrasound

Baby drinking fluid-Mouth is open and black stuff is fluid

The foot shot

Arm and thumbs up!

Well, we finally had our 20 week ultrasound. This is always my favorite part, short of actually holding the baby! This baby is proving to be so different than Noah. Not just in the whole pregnancy, but just in watching the baby. During my ultrasound with Noah, he was doing flips and preforming nicely. This baby however, is very mellow. (I am hoping that means it will be out of the womb too!) It just slept through the ultrasound no matter what we did! We did see baby try to put its hands in its mouth a few times and a couple good kicks. But, I guess this explains why I haven't felt the baby move much. The ultrasound showed us a very healthy baby though. 10.5 ounces so far...normal size. :) It was a good thing that we didn't want to know the sex as the baby kept its legs shut the whole time! One other fun thing we saw was the baby drinking fluid. You could see its mouth open and take in fluid. We got a video and picture of it and it was amazing to see. Here are some of our favorite shots.

From the mouth of babes

One of Noah's favorite things to do is go shopping. I suppose it is because of all the new things that he gets to see. This particular afternoon while Dave and I were shopping at Kohl's, Noah decided to tell us all about what he liked in the store. So, as we are walking through the the store he would (very loudly) say "awe, cute flip flops mommy!" and then run to the next item and say "awe, cute shorts!". He was attracting stares and giggles from people around, including us during this production. Until the moment he stops right in front of the bra section and proceeds to run to the bras saying "awe, boobies!!". Imagine the five shades of red each of us turned as we quickly guided him to the sock section. Right out of the mouth of babes...you just never know what they will say!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

5 Months

Well, here is my 5 month belly shot. (19 weeks) I cannot believe how I've grown in the past month. I hope this isn't a sign of another big baby. :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Peanut Parker-What will you be?

Next Tuesday at 9am we will be heading in to have my 20 week ultrasound. I am so excited to see our little one! This baby has been much more mellow, as Noah was kicking my insides out by 17 weeks and I still have not felt this one move. This ultrasound would be the gender revealing one, however since we are not finding out the sex, it will a unique experience. I have started a page in the baby's scrapbook for our friends and family to poll on what the sex will be. And, for fun, I listed all the Old Wives Tales too. Though Dave and I don't have a preference of the sex of the baby, we had to start the polls. I think it is a boy for sure and Dave says girl. All of the Old Wives Tales say girl except one....but mom knows best, right? So, if you are interested in joining the fun, let us know what you think. (I will also put one on face book too!) I am going to add my 5 month belly shot this weekend for those of you who can tell by the way I am carrying the baby. :)
Let the fun begin!!!

Yucky Banana

Kids say the funniest things....
Noah asked for a banana the other day for snack. As usual, I peeled the banana and gave it to him. I didn't even notice the two small bruises on it. A few minutes later he brought the uneaten banana back to me and said "Mama, I don't want banana!" I then asked him why and he said "It has poop on it." I cannot even begin to imagine where he would have gotten the idea to put those two together! Unfortunately, from that point on, he always inspects his bananas and will not consume one that is "yucky" and has "poop on it". Ha!