Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. We enjoyed our time together, as it will forever be our last as just the two of us. After being in Alabama for almost 4 years, I think we are finally getting use to doing things on our own. This year, we carried on our tradition of good food and lots of movies. Our friends, Jeff & Melissa, who are also expecting a little boy in January joined us for our Christmas dinner and more movies. I think between two pregnant ladies, we had quite the feast! (Our meal included anything and everything we were craving!) This holiday season has reminded us of how blessed we are to have such amazing family and friends. We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well!

Baby Progress

Dave and I went to the 36 week check up and it looks like things are progressing very well. (I never thought I would be so happy to hear that I am dialating!) During the ultrasound the tech said that she estimated that Noah was about 6lbs give or take. (Which is normal) This puts him around the 77% mark. My doctor, however, still trying to scare me into a c-section, said she thought Noah was about 8lbs already. I decided that I would like to go natural (with an epi of course!) So, the doctor agreeded as long as we induce a little early. Therefore, we are planning to induce on January 15th, unless Noah decideds to come on his own! Dave and I are counting the days down and are very excited. I head back to the doctor on Wednesday and am hoping for more good news. Hopefully Noah is getting ready to give mommy her body back!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

All I want for Christmas...

...Is a warm shower. Or, running water. But the kind that stays contained. Last night we had a surprise awaiting us when we got home from work. Our kitchen pipes had frozen and then burst. So, we had quite a mess in the kitchen. Dave was an hour away doing an audit and I was the crazy-pregnant-madwomen who was running around the neighborhood trying to find someone to help me turn off our water!
We called a plummer and after fixing one of the broken pipes, he recommended that we just keep the water turned off until the morning when we can contact our insurance company. Apparently there is another pipe to fix and some water to clean up in the walls.
The best part of the night is that since we didn't have any running water our neighbor allowed us to "clean up" at his vacant house that is currently for sale. Last night as we were brushing our teeth, the realitor walked in on us. (I think she was a bit freaked out to see two adults in an empty house brushing their teeth!)
This morning, dave and I snuck over to the neighbors house again to take quick showers. I think we looked a bit homeless running across the yard in our pjs with our shower stuff and a flashlight! Doesn't Dave look pitiful?

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Noah's Nursery

Dave and I have been working on the nursery and I think we are almost done! Here are a couple of pictures of our progress. I will post more pictures when we get everything else put away!

Baby Shower

Last Saturday my friends from church put together a baby shower for us. It was so beautiful and was so much fun. They even had the cake decorated with the animals from Noah's nursery! Among all the amazing gifts, we received Noah's first Nativity scene. It is so cute! We are looking forward to teaching Noah about baby Jesus next year! We have been so blessed with all of our friends and family and their thoughfulness. Thank you to everyone!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Poke me and I will pop!

As of yesterday I am 35 weeks pregnant. Ladies and gentleman, that means I only have 5 more weeks left!! That is, if he doesn't come earlier. This picture is of my 7th month, so I am a bit behind with my pictures, but I don't think at month 8 I look too much different anyway. The only difference is that I can officially say that I waddle like a duck more than ever! Oh, and maybe the kankles would give me away!
On Christmas Eve we have our last ultrasound to find out what size they think Noah should be. (Though I am not holding my breath as ultrasounds can be off as much as two pounds!) They are making bets at work and so far the largest is 10lbs 4oz and the smallest is 7lbs 9oz. So, feel free to leave a comment with your guess. Personally I think the co-worker who is placing a 10lbs 4oz bet is just cruel! As for me, I am placing the winning bet on 8lbs 14oz. Mother knows best, right?!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Do you smell smoke?

I love the movie, "Office Space". I think we all have had a computer or fax machine that we have wanted to smash for not working properly. Well, on Tuesday I had just that. I came into the office and turned my computer on ready to start my day. And, as always, it decided to tease me. Turn on, then turn back off. After a few minutes of playing gotcha, I got the computer to turn on and my email up. I then left it to "wake up" as I desended down the hall for my morning hot chocolate. As I was on my way back to my office, I was notified by a co-worker that smoke was coming out of my office. And it sure was. My computer was litterally having a melt down. All my files, emails, work...gone. Just a horrid smell of burnt plastic. It had finally won. And to top it off, it took two other computers with it! The coroner says that the building was putting out twice the volts that my outlet can handle, but I think I know better!

Well...Here we go!

Okay. I never thought the day would come that I would find myself blogging. I have always been an avid myspacer and even at times a facebooker. So, I thought I would take the plunge and start our very first blog. Though I am not a great writter, I am finding that it is getting harder each year to stay in contact with all the amazing people in our lives that are spread out all over. I hope that this blog with allow them to peak in on our crazy lives and to stay in touch.