Friday, December 5, 2014

Noah's first fun run

Novemeber 7, 2014- Noah being in school has been both and adjustment and memorable.  It took a couple months to get use to full time school in the public school setting and now he is loving it.  He has made a ton of friends and is learning so much.  This year he got to do his first Boosterthon fun run.  He was very excited to call grandparents and friends to ask for pledges because he could earn free goodies (oh and the school could earn money too!) Here are a few pictures from the day of the run.  It was beautiful out, but super cold.  Noah ran all 35 laps in under the hour and was one of the first kids done. It doesn't surprise me as he always has so much energy!  He was very proud.
Noah showing off his cool gadgets from all the pledges he got!

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