Friday, December 5, 2014

Happy Halloween

This was such a memorable Halloween.  First off, it was our first year as a family living in a neighborhood.  Typically, in our house in Alabama we didn't get kids coming by because we were too far out.  So, being in the city and in a neighborhood brought lots of opportunity for both trick-or-treating and giving out goods!  My sweet friend Carmen who also lives in this neighborhood had a party so we attended that and then spent the eventing trick-or-treating.  Maleah who is always into dressing up, decided last minute to be batgirl.  And, what do you know, they had one my size too!  It was so much fun dressing up with the kids.  Noah, rocked the Optimus Prime costume this year.  He was more interested in getting as much candy as possible because he believes that the more candy he has for the candy fairy the bigger his gift will be.  So, there are not very many pictures of him as he was on a mission.  We also had our friend Ryan Corder visit from Huntsville.  He too dressed up and it was a lot of fun having him here.  
I feel like this was the first year that Maleah really got it.  She was thrilled.  Every house that we went to she would say "Thank you!  Happy Halloween to you!"  I loved to see the joy on her face.  In the end, the kids did very well and enjoyed their time with their friends.  Oh, and as for the candy fairy, I think she did well too!  The kids were oh so pleased with their new toys waiting for them the next day that they never asked again for the candy.  She is my hero…Well, as long as she remembers to toss out the candy!

Here the kids are enjoying their gifts from the candy fairy!

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