Friday, December 5, 2014

Never saw that coming

I just have to log this as a memory I hope to forget.  A few weeks ago I came home to this baby sitting in  my kitchen.  I was busy putting things away when Mia and the dog were in the kitchen scooting around.  Mia says in a giggling voice, "Mom, there is a snake in the kitchen!"  To my disbelief, there sure was.  It didn't phase her at all.  She's totally not related to me!  So, I caught it and had Dave take it away.  4 days later we stumbled upon another one in the basement.  He was about 2 times bigger than this one.  I think I just had a mini stroke!  I don't do snakes.  We again caught it and I started sleeping with my eyes open.  Checking every bed.  So I called the pest control company whose sticker was in the basement.  This was no help.  He walked the house and told me that I had snakes because I have rats and mice in the house.  Really?  I have never seen an evidence of rodents.  Now I was never going to sleep again.  Then, he looked at the snake and said that is was probably a copper head.  I lost it again!  Nightmare city!  How could I live here if there were copper heads getting in. (Later we found out it was just a brown snake and nothing serious.)
The owner and agency handling this house ended up hanging a specialist come out to look at the house.  No one really knows how they got in, but could agree on two things: We live in snake central Virginia and they were coming in to stay warm.  So, they have begun sealing the garage up and so far, no more have invited themselves in.  I can handle a lot of things, but not snakes and spiders.  Yuck!

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