Thursday, January 14, 2010

You are One!

Happy Birthday my dear boy. Today you are one years old! Wow. I can still vividly remember this day a year ago and how fast it goes by. A year ago you would lay in my arms and sleep and coo, and now you are independent and on the go all the time. And as we were going through sleepless nights and many feedings and diaper changes, others would remind me that those days would be gone quickly, and they were right. If only I could keep you small a little longer, so that you would snuggle in my arms and let me rock you more. Being a mom is so amazing. Yet my heart strings tug all the time when watching you grow. Filled with both joy and amazement and some sadness for the time that is passing. You have been such a blessing to us and we are so blessed too have you.
A year ago I started this blog for you to keep track of your every development. Now, as we come to an end of your first year I will be sending it off to have it printed and bound. Perhaps this may be one of the best gifts we will be able to give you. I hope you will enjoy the stories and pictures that we have posted along the way. This edition will come to a close with a visit from family to celebrate your birthday next week. Then, we will begin our next journey with you starring as our little toddler.

Happy Birthday to you my little boy. I love you so much!


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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOAH!!!!!!!!!! From your Grandma and Grandpa Parker. A year has gone by so quickly and you are getting bigger, smarter and more handsome by the day. We so wish we could have been there for your birthday but you live far away from us that we cannot. We hope that you enjoyed your presents and got to eat some birthday cake too! Just know that we were thinking of you on your big day.

    Noah, your mom and dad are discovering (like most new parents), that the love they feel for you was beyond their ability to understand a year ago. You have changed the way the look at and live their lives. They would do anything to protect you. They are so very proud of you.
    Little man, I want you to know that we feel the exact some way about you.

    Your Mom and Dad are learning that along this Journey with you, they started an unchangeable process. This Journey is sometimes difficult and sad for them. They will be slowly giving away the one thing that they love the most. It is God's plan for you to grow and become more independent each and every day. You become less and less of a baby and more of a little boy on your road to becoming a man.

    Our prayer is that your mom and dad cherish the sometimes challenging days ahead. We pray that you will learn from their wisdom and loving guidance.