Wednesday, January 13, 2010

20 and toothless

I was worried for a while that Noah wasn't going to get any teeth and that he would be 20 and toothless...then the bottom two came in at 9.5 months. Yay, I thought! Then nothing more. Two teeth? What is he going to do with just two teeth? He seems to use them okay, but, again, I thought where are the others? My poor boy will be 20 and only have 2 teeth! Then, the fang came at 11 months. Yes, you read that right. The fang. And then, nothing more. I again think to myself, where are all his teeth. 20 and a fang? Geez. But, I can now rest assured, his two front teeth are on there way in! Finally, progress. Noah is such a trooper. Though it is painful he hasn't fussed much. I think he may be just as excited as I am. He won't be 20 and toothless!

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