Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Party

Noah had a blast at his birthday party! All of his friends where here to celebrate with him and it was fun to watch them all run around and play. Nana and G-pa also came out for the party which made it very special. Here are some highlights from the big day:

Dino table with goodies!

The Birthday Boy!

Smashing the cake. Noah liked the dinosaur on top, but was not that excited about the cake itself. As soon as he got frosting on his fingers he was done. He tried to wipe the frosting on his high chair and then pushed his cake away. Daddy was excited as it ment he could eat a very BIG piece of cake.

Opening presents. This was so fun! It was a group effort, so all of his friends helped him open and play with his presents. They were so excited about all the gifts!

Mom and Nana enjoying the party!

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