Monday, January 26, 2015

All about "Mia"

Just wanted to record some things about this big girl.  She has really grown into her own person.  She loves to dress up still.  She has about 15 costumes of all arrays and is known to transformer numerous times during the day.  Maleah enjoys playing cars, legos and swords with Noah, but also enjoys her barbies, dolls and make up.  The perfect mix.  She is very strong willed.  She know what she wants and will do anything to get it.  She has a sweet tooth.  She loves art and music.  She likes to walk through the house dressed as ELSA from Frozen and perform "Let it go".  She will put on her tutu and dance ballet in the living room.  She quit napping at age two, but still really needs one.  She wakes up at 6:30 most mornings and that is when the rest of the world must wake too.  She is partially potty trained, but has no desire to be bribed or talked into the other 50% of it.  Ideas need to be her's and she will do it herself.  When she is upset, she loves to fake cry.  Acting may be in her distant future.  Time out or "break time" is something she frequents.  She is quick to love you on her terms.  She wants to be just like big brother.  She can't wait to go to school next year and has requested that we put her in dance.  She loves her long hair and is very protective of it-approved trims only! She enjoys doing school work at home.  She likes starbucks dates with mom.  She loves jokes, especially anything to do with farting or her woopy cushion. (Thanks to the boys in the house) She wears a size 5/6. Weighs roughly 35lbs. Likes her nails painted pink. Still sucks her thumb and carries the blankie aka "the web" around everywhere.  She rides her yellow kitty bike with training wheels and her grin is priceless. She can be addicted to technology if she has it her way.  She is a blessing.  She melts my heart with her random "I love you mom" lines.  She has a smile that reflects the sun.  She only answers you if you call her "mia," as she has informed us that Maleah is not what she likes to me called.
"Mia" keeps us on our toes and brightens my day.  I love having her home with me this year and the time I get to share with her.

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