Saturday, January 24, 2015

6 going on 26

I look at this big boy who is more than half of my height and eating me out of house and home and wonder where the past 6 years have gone.  Everyone told me that once I had kids time with speed up.  I get it.  It really does.  You blink and they double in size (or maybe I am shrinking).  
I remember the first year of Noah's life.  Caulic that turned out to be silent reflux, lots of crying (on both of our parts) and many moments of snuggles and laughter.  Back then, I couldn't even imagine the future if I had tried.  But, here I am, in the future-6 years later.  And I am standing in awe.  I wish I could go back and tell my past self that it is true.  That the rough moments, the moments that seem to never end really do.  To hold on to them.  To hold on the every tear, moment of trial, and smile.  To not worry so much about the distant future and worry more about if I smooched those chubby checks enough.  There has come a time now that I am still his mama, but my role is different. And I know that is will continue to mold and change as he grows.  So I am promising to recognize this and to mold and grow with him. 

Noah 6 year stats:
47 3/4 in tall (88%)
52.6 lbs (78%)
Noah is really enjoying school and doing well in it.  He continues to have quite the imagination. And loves to build.  He says that right now he wants to build stuff when he gets older.  He has a clever mind and a witty sense of humor.  He always keeps us on our toes.  And his hugs melt me right in my place.

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