Saturday, December 22, 2012

Almost 4 and so grown up!

In just a few short weeks I am going to have a 4 year old!  Is that even possible?  It really was yesterday  that I had him, or at least it feels that way.  Noah has changed so much this year.  He is sharp as a tack and very witty to say the least.  But he also has energy that would give a busy bee a run for its money.  This kid could run around the earth a dozen times and still not wear out.  That is my boy.  His nickname (at least I like to call him this) is Midas.  Only when he touches stuff is doesn't turn to gold, more like, well the gold color of Gorilla Glue or masking tape.  He is also very good at magic, recently.  He can make things disappear really well.  But, well, the reappearing part...we are still working on that.  He is a boy of many talents.  He loves music, singing, art, trucks, dirt, firetrucks, and playing in his fort out back.  He is good at giving his mama a snuggle and his sissy a love or two.  He is an amazing "man of the house" when daddy is gone.  He vacuums, makes his own bed, unloads part of the dishwasher and is super at picking up toys.
Noah says the funniest phrases and I only wish I could remember them all.  But, here are a couple he will enjoy later in life:
"Mom, I can not believe it..." (This is a phrase used often)
"Mom, I am so sad." Why? "I don't have any hair up my nose" Why would you worry about that noah? "Well, Dad has LOTS of hair up his nose and I don't have any!"
I just love how he says spaghetti "psgetti" He loves psgetti by the way.
"I love you tutu"

Okay buster.  I saved the embarrassing stories for you later.  But, boy, you better beware I have some good ones coming...Here's to enjoying whats left of you being 3!

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