Saturday, December 22, 2012

18 months going on 18?

Well, I give in.  It's true.  It is harder to actually document your second child's life than the first.  I think it is certain that I am  much more busy chasing two busy bodies around than blogging.  However, while it is fresh on my mind, I wanted to make note of a few things....
Maleah is changing so fast!  She is a beautiful toddler with a sweet personality.  She loves attention, sending kisses to anyone who will catch them, and making you smile.  Her face lights up the room.  She has the biggest ringlets in her hair (you can thank, or not thank, your daddy) and they bounce to her beat  just perfectly. She adores her big brother through every push, shove and snuggle.  Will eat a whole costco size container of raspberries before your eyes.  Loves puppies, necklaces, shoes and handbags.  (Thats my girl!) She mimics well, as her brother can attest.  And she is a huge blessing to our family.  Just as I cannot imagine my life without her brother, I can't even imaging a day of life without this darling soul.
Some of maleah's favorite phrases right now are: hmmmm....think,think,think (finger taping chin), No No Puppy! (always shaking her finger), No No Grandpa, Up!, Oh no, bite, and many "boy" phrases that brother has decided to teach her.  Though she has many other words, these are the phrases that she shows with such great expression, therefore I want to always remember them.

Maleah, someday when you read this, you will be all grown up.  But I want you to remember you will always be my baby girl.  At this moment, I am looking forward to seeing who you are becoming and all that you are going to do in life.  I love you!

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