Friday, April 27, 2012

Reflection one year later

It is amazing that one year to today I was 7 months pregnant sitting on my living room floor chatting with a good friend from Portland watching the wind bend the trees and shake my windows.  "We are suppose to have bad storms today...maybe some tornadoes..." I told her.  After a while the sky got darker and I knew we where in for it, but I didn't know bad it would be.  Sitting in the dark in my closet trying to distract my two year old with "closet camping" while rubbing my belly with a twisting fetus, I prayed hard for safety (and that I wouldn't go into labor!) Now, one year later, I sit in my home (which I am so lucky was not hit by the F5) with my big boy and beautiful little girl.  In reflection of this horrible event I am grateful to my God that he carried me through my fear that day and protected us and so many of my friends.  Though I would NEVER want to experience this kind of event again, followed by chaos and no power for a week, I am reminded today how loving and gracious our father is.  No matter what storm is in my life, I know that he will be by my side.

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