Thursday, May 17, 2012

Maleah is 10 months

Happy 10 months Maleah!
You had a very busy month of growing!  With so many new experiences it has been fun to watch you explore your surroundings.  You now crawl all over the place getting into whatever you can find.  Often, trying to eat whatever you can pick up off the floor.  You have enjoyed many moments playing legos on the floor with your brother and chasing the ball around.  Your grandpa and grandma Parker came to visit and you were able to experience bowling and the zoo.  I think you enjoyed it...
 This was the month for you to have your first set (of many) of pink nails.  You have no idea how excited I was to pull out the nail polish and have some girl time!  Someday I think you will grow to like it too!
 You are starting to babble and talk much more.  So far you can say-Mama,Dada, Baba (bottle) and thank you.  The rest I don't understand yet, though I am sure you are growing quite the vocabulary.  As for eating you still love most foods.  You are moving past baby food and into lots of finger foods.  Most likely you would be eating more, if I wasn't so paranoid about you choking.  (You have a tendency of stuffing everything in your mouth at once!) I so enjoy letting you sample off our plates and watching your eyes grow with excitement as your palate distinguishes the new tastes.  And to help you enjoy those foods you now have almost 6 teeth.  It really takes the baby look away!

Your smile still lights up the room and your deep laugh brings joy to our ears.  Your brother is still the only one that can get you laughing hysterically.  You seem to just admire him dearly.  Oh, and one more thing, you are finally sleeping through the night!  It is so nice that you can now go 12 hours without waking. Thank you.  I will need those hours of sleep when your dad travels back to Afghanistan again.
My darling daughter, you are such a blessing to us and we love you so.

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