Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Life as a single mom

Well, it has been almost two months since Dave left for Afghanistan. In some ways I feel like time has stood still yet, I know it has moved very quickly. This distance has been a stretch for us all in different ways. I think Noah is having the hardest time as he always asks me if daddy is going to come home. That breaks my heart. I know that as a mom, I am doing all that I can, but I also understand that I cannot replace the value of his daddy. Maleah, too young to understand the situation, absolutely loves skyping with Dave. Every time I bring out the laptop, she starts smiling and shrieking with joy. When daddy appears, she is nothing but excited to see him. That, makes my heart feel great. As for me, well, the quote "distance makes the heart grow founder" is nothing short of the truth. Complacent in my daily life while Dave was here, I never truly knew how great of a unit we were. Coming home from work and helping me put the kids to bed, or folding two loads of laundry while we catch up from our long day, was all but take for granted. I truly found a new appreciation for not only my wonderful husband, but for how great of a marriage we have.
Many people told me that a distance like this would surely not be healthy for our marriage. But, I would have to disagree. Though it is hard not to get to have Dave home each night, we have found great excitement with our Skype dates. It is like reliving the first months that we met. Waiting by the "phone" hoping he would call, late night chats, and so much to share. I find myself touching my make-up up before we chat, giddy to see him. How silly. How fun.
Finally, yes, it has been a lot of work. I am tired. I am ready for help. And I will surely welcome Dave back with open arms. But, I thank God for this opportunity to show us how strong and special our family unit is. Through this he has taught me that I am capable of doing anything. And he has shown me all the blessing that I already had, and never appreciated.

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