Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy 7 Months!

My dear happy girl,
You are now 7 months old! Month 6 was a very productive one for you. I really enjoyed capturing the moments and watching you experiencing new things. Here is what you accomplished:
-Sitting up. You now love to play toys with big brother, especially legos.
-Three meals a day. You pretty much love all food. Though I will say the green veggies are a tad harder to get you to eat.
-Splashing in the bath. Now that you can sit up you love your baths in the sink. You laugh the whole time as you splash me. Typically I am soaked when bath time is over.
-Two new teeth! All that chomping made some progress. They are far enough up that you can see them when you smile and they are so cute.
-Getting ready to move to your big girl car seat. This weekend I got a new car seat, so you are going to be moving out of the infant carrier. This truly means you are a big girl!

I have realized that you are growing up as you have mostly outgrown all the baby items such as the bouncy seat and bumbo. You are wearing size 4 diapers and 18 month clothing. No longer are you a newborn, but a big girl on the rise! I couldn't be more proud. The older you have gotten, it is so much fun to watch you interact with Noah. You adore him and only he can make you smile over and over again. I love how you reach for him.
Happy 7 months baby girl!

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