Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Noah!

I cannot believe my little boy turned 3! He is so grown up now. So grown up that he was able to tell me all that he wanted for his party. This year he requested a fire fighting party. Therefore, that is what he got. He had a fire truck pinata, his cake had a picture of him holding his fire truck, and all of his friends made foam fire trucks while wearing their fire hats. It was cute to watch all the "fire fighters" run around and play. I had fun with the food for his party too. He had blueberries (coal), strawberries (fire), hot tamales, red licorice (fire poles), black licorice (fire hose), bagel bites (truck wheels) and hummus/chips (fire extinguishers). He had a great time and got lots of great presents. Happy birthday to my big boy!

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