Saturday, November 26, 2011

Noah's construction business at your service!

So, I thought I would keep a log of the reconstruction going on in our house due to Hurricane Noah. Here are the projects from last week:

1) Clean Maleah's Room. Need I say more? The house got quiet and Noah was no where to be found...he was in Maleah's room "cleaning" AKA emptying a bottle of diaper rash spray on every thing. When the clean up crew (me) arrived with back up (dad) the furniture, carpet, blinds and bedding was covered in this greasy mess and he had moved on to polishing with a tube of desitin. Needless to say, we have a very shinny room!
2) Add design to mom's new furniture. Ball point pen + new leather couch + creativity= Noah. Furniture stores carry an amazing product that actually removes ink from leather...only $1.99. Must buy more.
3) Repaint kitchen walls. After filling up noah's dry erase board with beautiful art, he moved to the walls. Wiping the board off is over rated. Thankfully, crayola makes such wonderful washable material!
4) Steam clean walls. While mommy is busy speaking to the alarm company during installation, Noah decides to do some steam cleaning by pulling out the steam mop and banging the walls with the hose. Lots of black marks from this one...poor wall took a beating. Thank you Magic Eraser.
In conclusion, this was a busy week for Noah's business. (And mine) So, as I make my Christmas wish list, I think I will just ask Santa for more cleaning supplies. Thank you.

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