Friday, November 4, 2011


We had a great Halloween this year. Maleah posed as a penguin, though she was a little too chunky for her costume, so I gave in to her grunts and let her go with the orange shirt for trick-or-treating. Noah decided he would like to be a fireman. (His new obsession since the fire truck came to visit him at school) We started off going to trunk-or-treat at Noah's school where Noah made out with some candy and toys. Then, we met up with some friends on Halloween night for some trick-or-treating in the neighborhood behind us. Maleah sported in the baby bjorn and took a quick nap while we racked in the candy. By the end of then night, we had some tired kids. Finally, after eating a few pieces of candy, Noah left his bucket of loot for the candy fairy. She so wonderfully left him some fun toys in in bucket the next morning. Noah thinks this is pretty amazing!

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