Monday, December 12, 2011

A New Adventure

Well, we have made it one week tomorrow since Dave left for Afghanistan. I have to say that the Lord has given us so much strength. Each day the kids and I are getting into a better routine, and it truly is getting easier. Dave seems to also be adjusting over there. We are able to Skype with him each morning and night which is such a blessing. I am truly thankful for technology. The kids are adjusting well with Dave being gone, which was something that I was worried about. Noah likes to tell people that his daddy is in "a-fa-ganna-stan" or sometimes...the North Pole! We look forward to reuniting with daddy on January 5th. Until then, we are just praising God for his grace and goodness. If you are out there reading this daddy, we love you so very much and are proud of what you are doing. Come home soon!!

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