Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Short Stories

The other night while eating dinner Noah got out of his chair and started running out of the kitchen. We asked him where he was going and he said "My phone is ringing". We then told him that he would have to let it go to voicemail and to come back to the table until he asks to get down. He then climbed back up on his chair and said "May I get down please? My phone is ringing and I have to get it".

Noah is really into cake right now. He likes to pretend that he is making cake, then he gives everyone a piece. While I was pretending eat my piece with Noah I asked him if I could have more. He replied "No, you have had plenty!" Wonder where he has heard that!

While shopping at Target for a birthday present for one of Noah's friends, Noah decided that he too should get a present. He spotted a toy that he wanted and asked me for it. I told him that it was not his birthday and that he would have to wait. He replied "Darn it mom, you are pissing me off!" This was not a proud moment for me as a mom....it was quite embarrassing as onlookers stood by!

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