Sunday, May 29, 2011

34 Weeks

Well, I am at the home stretch...6 weeks to go. (Or less!) At this point in the game, I am still measuring 3-4 weeks ahead indicating a big baby-no surprise there! My doctor seems to think I should be fine to go on my own since I did with Noah, but there is still some talk about being induced a little early. So, we shall see. Baby is very active, which is getting tough for me with there being not so much room in my tummy any more! And, with all the heat that we are getting I am starting to swell up, which is not so comfortable! I am still making it to the gym, but slowing down. I think I feel more like the turtle than the hare. We have finally started preparing by pulling out our neutral clothing and all the baby gear. It is getting exciting! I am starting to to get anxious to see our baby and find out if peanut is a "he" or "she".

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