Thursday, March 3, 2011

Peanut's first trip to L&D

The other day while outside playing with Noah he ran down a hill in our front yard to a ditch. As I followed, my feet quickly lost grip and moved out from under me. Before I knew it, I was on my bum at the bottom of the ditch. In shock I look up to see Noah laughing and asking for me to "do it again!" Since it was almost 5pm I called my OBGYN just to make sure that I knew what to look for. They suggested that I go to L&D and have the baby monitored and check the heart rate. So, assuming it would be a quick trip, I loaded the boys up and headed to the hospital. Oh, how wrong was I! After an hour wait I was placed in a room and hooked up to check for contractions and fetal movement. Everything came out fine for the baby. It looked as if I was just going to walk away with a bruised tail bone! However, in order to be released the on call doctor had to see me. The problem was that she kept getting called into deliveries! So after 4 hours and some convincing that I didn't need to stay overnight, I was released. The ironic thing to me is that part of the reason we went in was that I was not feeling our baby move, but once they got me all settled in, the baby kicked like crazy! Noah and Daddy had fun walking the hospital and Noah loved playing with all the buttons on my bed...including the call button!

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