Thursday, March 3, 2011

Noah's Surgery

Getting Noah prepped for surgery

Napping with Daddy after surgery

After some apple juice, a Popsicle, and two cups of Ice cream

Noah was scheduled for his first surgery this morning at 8:45am. He had his tonsils and adenoids taken out. I think the process was more devastating to me than him. Though he was not happy that he was not able to eat or drink anything for breakfast. The surgery itself was about 30 min and they did a great job of taking care of him. Interesting enough, I found that my mother's instinct was again correct. The ENT said that he was surprised to see that Noah's esophagus was swollen and red. He came out after surgery and asked me if Noah had reflux. I explained to him that I was convinced that Noah had it as a baby and had to BEG his doctors to treat him. However, after 6 months (when most babies would outgrow it) they stopped treatment and that was that. It turns out that Noah did have it and he is one of the few that didn't outgrow it. My poor boy. So, they are starting treatment for that and will be watching him to see if it begins to go away. If not, we will start heading towards a specialist to get that resolved. It made me feel good to know that all that research and fighting was for something. As for the huge tonsils and adenoids that Noah had, they were easily removed and we are now on the road to recovery. He is sore and not feeling great as expected, but is doing well. He is loving the fact that he gets to eat ice cream. Right after the surgery he inhaled two bowls! That said, we were able to leave recovery early--he was eating and drinking fine. Now we just pray the next 14 days of recovery will fly by with little discomfort. This was quite an experience and we are so proud of our little trooper!

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