Friday, March 18, 2011

Noah's Recovery

Well we have passed the two week mark for Noah's surgery. It was a tough recovery the first week. There was nothing that the doctor didn't warn us of, but I don't think you can ever prepare for how your child will respond. Noah was such a trooper, but after over ten days of no sleep in our house and our poor baby being in pain it can wear on any parent! To date, he is now finally eating and drinking (to catch up on all the days he missed!), has a new found love for ice cream (good luck to me on breaking that one!) and is sleeping well. We always take for granted how important air and sleep is. But, now for the first time I have a child who is sleeping through the night without a peep and is sleeping in to 7:30-8:00am! Noah has also started his medication for Acid Reflux, so I am not sure whether I should thank those meds, the surgery or the combination. But that is okay with me, whatever works! We will be heading back to the doctor on April 4th to see how his progress is with the reflux. I am still hearing some 'snorting' in his breathing and am praying that this will all disappear soon. I am so thankful for the advancement in technology and the wonderful doctors that we have so that my little man doesn't have to suffer!

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