Friday, February 18, 2011

From the mouth of babes

One of Noah's favorite things to do is go shopping. I suppose it is because of all the new things that he gets to see. This particular afternoon while Dave and I were shopping at Kohl's, Noah decided to tell us all about what he liked in the store. So, as we are walking through the the store he would (very loudly) say "awe, cute flip flops mommy!" and then run to the next item and say "awe, cute shorts!". He was attracting stares and giggles from people around, including us during this production. Until the moment he stops right in front of the bra section and proceeds to run to the bras saying "awe, boobies!!". Imagine the five shades of red each of us turned as we quickly guided him to the sock section. Right out of the mouth of just never know what they will say!

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