Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall Hiking

We took Noah up to the mountain this past weekend to spend a family day hiking. (And we wanted to break out the backpack!) It was a beautiful fall day with weather around 78 and all the colors of fall. Noah did a great job riding in the backpack for part of the way and then he hiked the rest with us. I was a bit nervous as to how he would do, but he kept up. He loved all the rocks, and often times he would get focused on picking them up and throwing them every which way. While riding in the backpack he would encourage daddy by saying "Careful Daddy, don't fall!" and "Noah's Hiking!!" On several occasions Noah fell while hiking on his own and he would say "Uh-oh, careful Noah" and then get up and wipe his hands. He was a trooper. All in all I would say that our hiking experience was a success and there will be more in the near future!

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