Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Poke me and I will pop!

As of yesterday I am 35 weeks pregnant. Ladies and gentleman, that means I only have 5 more weeks left!! That is, if he doesn't come earlier. This picture is of my 7th month, so I am a bit behind with my pictures, but I don't think at month 8 I look too much different anyway. The only difference is that I can officially say that I waddle like a duck more than ever! Oh, and maybe the kankles would give me away!
On Christmas Eve we have our last ultrasound to find out what size they think Noah should be. (Though I am not holding my breath as ultrasounds can be off as much as two pounds!) They are making bets at work and so far the largest is 10lbs 4oz and the smallest is 7lbs 9oz. So, feel free to leave a comment with your guess. Personally I think the co-worker who is placing a 10lbs 4oz bet is just cruel! As for me, I am placing the winning bet on 8lbs 14oz. Mother knows best, right?!

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  1. Who is that ridiculously cute pregnant lady?! I can't wait to meet Noah... I think he'll be around 8 lb.s too.