Friday, December 26, 2008

Baby Progress

Dave and I went to the 36 week check up and it looks like things are progressing very well. (I never thought I would be so happy to hear that I am dialating!) During the ultrasound the tech said that she estimated that Noah was about 6lbs give or take. (Which is normal) This puts him around the 77% mark. My doctor, however, still trying to scare me into a c-section, said she thought Noah was about 8lbs already. I decided that I would like to go natural (with an epi of course!) So, the doctor agreeded as long as we induce a little early. Therefore, we are planning to induce on January 15th, unless Noah decideds to come on his own! Dave and I are counting the days down and are very excited. I head back to the doctor on Wednesday and am hoping for more good news. Hopefully Noah is getting ready to give mommy her body back!

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  1. Heather - good news!! Looks like Noah and you knew he's smaller than the doc expected. If you want, we can talk inductions on Sunday. Keep smiling - there are very exciting days ahead.Ellise Adams