Tuesday, December 23, 2008

All I want for Christmas...

...Is a warm shower. Or, running water. But the kind that stays contained. Last night we had a surprise awaiting us when we got home from work. Our kitchen pipes had frozen and then burst. So, we had quite a mess in the kitchen. Dave was an hour away doing an audit and I was the crazy-pregnant-madwomen who was running around the neighborhood trying to find someone to help me turn off our water!
We called a plummer and after fixing one of the broken pipes, he recommended that we just keep the water turned off until the morning when we can contact our insurance company. Apparently there is another pipe to fix and some water to clean up in the walls.
The best part of the night is that since we didn't have any running water our neighbor allowed us to "clean up" at his vacant house that is currently for sale. Last night as we were brushing our teeth, the realitor walked in on us. (I think she was a bit freaked out to see two adults in an empty house brushing their teeth!)
This morning, dave and I snuck over to the neighbors house again to take quick showers. I think we looked a bit homeless running across the yard in our pjs with our shower stuff and a flashlight! Doesn't Dave look pitiful?

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  1. Dave looks so sad! Have you gotten the cabinets fixed yet?