Sunday, December 22, 2013

Moving to the "big bed"

November 2013-One thing that I very much felt guilty about was moving Noah out of his crib before he was ready.  So, since we have no more babies on the way the plan with Maleah was to let her stay in  her crib as long as possible.  That was all fine and well until a few repeated nights of Maleah climbing out of her crib not only at nap time but in the middle of the night.  Because of the thought of her hurting herself we converted her crib the the toddler bed.  This didn't go over very well.  We spent many nights sleeping on the floor next to her and many weeks of her not sleeping through the night.  (It was like having a new born all over again!) What has happened to my baby girl who has been such a great sleeper?  Finally after about 5 weeks we decided to try converting her bed into a full bed, which would at least give me a better place to sleep in the transition stage. It really didn't change much.  Now, well into December we have made it to the point where she will sleep through the night, but not on her bed! She likes to sleep on the floor with her blankie and pillow next to the gate at her door. Silly girl.  Perhaps the really heartache for this mama is not really all the lost hours of sleep, but rather the realization that I no longer have any babies in my house.  My kids are growing up and that bring a very surreal feeling to my world.

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