Monday, December 23, 2013

2013 Christmas is here!

This is a VERY special Christmas for our family this year.  First, this is the first christmas we have had with dad being here in two years. Second, this is dad's 1st christmas with Maleah. And Third, we have family coming into town to celebrate with us! (1st time ever)  I am so very excited about it! 

To get things started we got the trees and decorations up.  The big tree is full of 12 years of ornaments celebrating all sorts of milestones such as our wedding and birth of our two favorite kiddos.
The second is a new addition, sort of.  This is an accumulation of a few homemade ornaments, school made ornaments and a whole bunch that we made and sent dad in Afghanistan.  Now, they hang on our small dining room tree as a reminder of our family's journey over the past couple of years.
 And finally, after 8 years the ole hubby put some lights up on the house!  I am so happy to have some Christmas cheer on the outside of our home.  Grandpa and Grandma are make the long journey to join us on this exciting Christmas which will top off all of this!
Oh, and speaking of long trips.  Henry, our Elf arrived on time.  He has been a little silly this year.  The kids love seeing him and finding the treats he brings.  Here are a couple of pics of him.  Not sure if that is allowed by santa though!  

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