Tuesday, April 9, 2013


This 1.5 year old likes to march to the beat of her own drum.  She is very much into shoes, hair bows, and anything colorful.  I might add that though she often allows me to dress her, she has an influence.  Many times I have found that when I put her in something she doesn't like, she just goes into her bedroom and changes.  Especially when it comes to her socks and shoes.  It is really fun to watch her personality come out.  Though she is very mild tempered, normally, she has bursts of girl fits that remind me of what is to come.  Many times she will get frustrated with me and in turn, look at me and scream and then throw her hands up in the air and walk off, screaming.  It starts so early!

Maleah's language is as unique and colorful as her personality.  She has many words and copies most of what she hears.  She LOVES to sing.  Wheels on the bus "All through the town" is her absolute favorite.  I often find her sitting in her room trying on shoes and singing.  It makes my day.  I enjoy the fact that she can communicate with us more.  She knows most of her body parts and can point to them and tell you what they are.  (hair, belly, knee, elbow, chin, eye, eyebrow, cheek, noes, fingers, toes, hands, foot, tummy....)

Perhaps the thing she is most proud of right now is that she can jump like noah.  Hop, hop, hop goes my little rabbit.  Anything that Noah does, you better believe she is doing it to.  Coloring, play dough, bubbles and eating cookies are her favorite activities right now.  She believes that cookies can appear anywhere, and is especially convinced that I keep a huge bag in my purse! I love that she is more than willing to share with noah.  If she gets something she almost always put the other hand out and says "An Owah?!"  Then she runs to Noah and says "Here Here!"   I think we have a lot of fun memories to come from this growing girl!

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