Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Daddy is home, finally!!

March 11, 2013-After 90 long days off missing daddy, he has arrived!!  Dave got a rental car and met us at the house. I didn't tell Maleah that he was coming home (Noah was at school).  When she walked around the corner of our dining room, he was standing there with open arms.  She immediately shrieked "DADDY!" and ran to him.  From that moment on, she wanted no one but him.  She refused to take a nap because that would mean that she would have to let him go!  Finally, since we had to take the rental car back, I picked up Noah from school and went to the airport to meet dave.  Again, not telling Noah what was going on.  He questioned why we were there, assuming we might be going back to Oregon.  While sitting in the parking lot discussing this option, dave snuck up to his side of the car and opened Noah's door.  It was a site to see!  Noah threw his arms around his daddy, and even started to tear up.  There were many smiles and hugs happening this day.  I am so thankful to have him home as well!

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