Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Stories to remember

Imaginary friends that are growing by the minute, gross boy talk, dirt, swords, light sabers, and tools are among Noah's favorite things right now.  I look at him and I cannot believe how big he is getting.  Why, he actually looks like a little boy.  It is hard for a mommy to see this, or believe this.  He makes me laugh so often with the things that he comes up with.  I just have to log a few conversations to keep for memories and embarrassment:
-While telling Nana his catechisms he declared that he was going to read the bible to us.  We sat while he opened his bible and read.  (He picked the story of Noah's Ark) "...And God told ME to build and ark and put the animals in it" I guess he is the only Noah. Ever. "And God is especially beautiful" Awe.
-After a rough day while tucking Noah into bed we were discussing why he must go to time out when he disobeys me.  He told me "Mom, if you keep putting me into time out, I am just going to keep getting out. Over and over." I reminded him that I would then have to give him a spanking for disobeying.  His reply was priceless, "Well then, I will just keep getting out of time out over and over and you will just have to spank me over and over.  You will get so tired of spanking me." He really doesn't give up.  In fact, he further reminded me tonight that the reason Santa Clause doesn't bring me presents anymore is because I have been disciplining him.  He stated "Mom, when you discipline me, it makes Santa mad so he doesn't give you anything.  But, don't worry I will tell him that you should get something next year."
-I asked Noah what he is going to do when dad gets home, he responded "Hmm, I will probably play with him.  We will play hopscotch." I hope dad is ready for that one.

-While looking at a picture of Dave from years back Noah notices that he has earrings...he walks over to dave and says "dad, I am going to wear earrings like you when you were a girl"
-"What's wrong sweet girl" -This is in response to any fussing Maleah may be doing
-"Is McDonald's Ice cream junk food?" As I respond with yes, he sadly thrusts his head back and replies "oh man, why does McDonalds ice cream have to be junk food. Bummer."
-"Oh sugars" -This is typically his word for bummer

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