Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Chatty Cathy Already

Maleah is a girl of many words these days.  She likes to mimic whatever she hears, especially all the good, bad and ugly she can get from brother.  Noah most certainly has caught on to this.  Why it was only yesterday that the two came running into my room giggling with, "mom, listen to this...say it Maleah!" Maleah looks and me scrunches her nose and as she giggles says "poo-poo!!" Yep.  That is what brothers are for.  It was a very proud moment for Noah.  Me, on the other hand, I have some reversing to do.
Maleah is plugging through the basic words of no, mine, milk, juice, mommy, daddy, thank you and please, etc.  Her vocabulary has expanded to animals (such as: bear, turtle, dog and hippo...) and the sounds they make.  Perhaps the sweetest part of hearing her exercise her vocabulary is when she is identifying her brother, "OWAH".  I will never get tired of hearing her say this.  And this brings me back to the beginning of my post, she mimics what she hears.  Sitting at her table ready for a tea party she is screaming on the top of her lungs..."OWAH!!!!!" I guess I need to slow down summoning my children this way!

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